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USA 3000/ Florida in May

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I am planning a trip to Florida in May (I know May is a very odd time to go, but my parents have two houses and it is the only time I can go). Right now, USA 3000 offers tickets $79 each way...I have gotten a round trip as low as $125 round trip through Continental. Does anyone have a current USA3000 promotion code? Right now it is around $250 through Continental. Is that because I am looking too far ahead?:gdthankyou:
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I don't kinow which area of Florida you are headed to but keep checking, www.mousesavers.com


Also on Military.com they post travel deals. Some restrictions apply to those as well.


Keep an eye on Southwest if your able or want to I do see future deals with that one.


Safe Travels!

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Thanks Chunka and Mominthepark,


I have never heard the mousesavers.com website....we are in Ft. Myers, but I do want to go to Disneyworld so I will keep this in mind.


My dad loves military.com...he is a 100% disabled veteren. I will let him know that they have airfare deals, he flies back and forth sooooo much.


Mominthepark, the code is worth trying!


Thanks so much!

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