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Lane Bryant gift check


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I get them through email and through the mail. You can use a $15 off $15 from the mail and one through the email in the same purchase as long as you have two items worth $30 or more. It's a cool deal. I got 3 coupons in the mail and printed out three coupons through email and got 6 items! I love it when they send these out and it seems to happen every two months!
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I got 2 through the mail, but everytime I go to the store and pick out my item, I get to the register and that item never qualifies for the coupon! :mad: Sometimes it's more of a hassle than the $15 is worth.


I might take them to another LB this time, though.


Same thing happens to me, one lady watch me pick out items that "didn't qualify" and waited until I got to the register in front of everybody and said you can't buy them with that coupon.:mad: :mad: I could've threw that stuff on the floor and walk out. But instead I left them on the counter and told her thank you......you bleep bleep bleep. Have a Great Day:shock:

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I just go in and find undies that are over $15.00. I usually walk out with new panties for $1.62 after tax. I print several cuz I've got 3 stores on my way home. 3 for me. 3 for hubby. Who doesn't like new panties? Always fun for hubby to. He gets to pick his fav and I get to see what he got me!;)
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