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BF tax holiday in South Carolina

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Just got a newsletter from the DOR regarding sales tax. The SC state sales tax rate is increasing from 5-6% (plus your local taxes) effective June 1, 2007. That's not the news I'm referring to though ;)


They are doing another sales tax holiday - but this time on ALL TAXABLE ITEMS - and the dates?? BLACK FRIDAY and Saturday!!!! :clapping::yay: Pretty cool! Way to make the craziness even crazier LOL I never make a big deal about the usual tax holiday they have in August, because it's not a big %age, but this, coupled with Black Friday sales - :g_dance::yelclap::lolrun::gdclap::gdnum1: I'm happy about that! BTW this doesn't include the local tax (around 1% I think) but I would be very surprised if that wasn't waived also.

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