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Who would have the best price on the Little Mermaid DVD?

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If you are buying for a little girl, Target has it for $15.99 (not the best price) but if you buy the Wedding Ariel set for $15.99 plus the DVD, than you get a free Ariel Wedding dress for a little girl, its $24.99(dress with play jewelry and headpiece), great gift or Halloween costume. It is the 2 disc DVD and comes with a free Lip Gloss Ariel bracelet. This is not online and dresses are limited.....





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Guest JustMeDiana

FYI: At Wal-Mart it is $14.87 for just the DVD, and $19.96 for the DVD + music cd with lyrics book.


I bought mine at Walmart today!!! I am saving my receipt, in case I find a better deal somewhere else!!! :g_dance: :g_dance:

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I heard this will be limited edition little mermaid. If I were you BUY IT NOW. Before you wouldn't be able see it on BLACK FRIDAY. Unless you are paying higher prices on ebay.

This is the Platinum Edition. It'll be around on Black Friday. I got the Aladdin Platinum Edition a few years ago on Black Friday - the same year of the release.



This is the week to get it on sale unless you want to wait for Black Friday.



Walmart stores vary in their prices, depending on location.

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