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I'm missing threads--not bold...


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I'm wondering-


When I go into areas, I look for the things that are bold, as (I thought) those are threads I haven't read or they've updated since reading them last.


Well, lately, I'm finding threads that have never been bold to me that are days old. I've never seen them, yet they are places I visit daily.


So--some things are, but some aren't... Am I wrong about how this works?


I especially feel bad if I've started a thread and people reply and I don't go back into it because it's not bold.

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When you come to the forum, threads are in bold when there have been new posts made in them since you last visited the forum. It has nothing to do with if you ever read them or not - just if there have been new posts since you last visited.
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Well, ok. But, I posted a thread. A few different times, people had posted it to it, but I didn't know, since it wasn't bold. I felt bad because I didn't know they posted--and they probably thought I ignored them. Guess I'm not making sense. Sorry. Oh well, I'll just try to scan everything carefully. Thanks anyhow.
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You're making sense. Have you subscribed to the threads you want to follow (such as the one's you'd posted)? I find that is very helpful, when I want to know at a glance what I should read.

I also suggest subscribing to threads that you want to follow up on, or that you want to watch.


There is no way that I can keep up with all the stuff that I post here.



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I've never subscribed to threads. Is there an option when you go into a thread? Sorry, I've never noticed or known about this. I'll try to figure that out and I'll do that from now on. Thanks guys-

Look for this drop-down near the top of each thread (when you are actively viewing it):





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