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Welcome to the "Trading, Begging & Giveaways" Forum


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This forum was created to give the GottaDeal community a place to request, offer, or trade certain kinds of items. It is also for threads requesting that people vote for you or an immediate family member. This forum is only viewable to those who have posted on the forum a few times already and have been a member long enough. We wanted to give you a place to offer these things to others without people registering just to swoop in and take them.


Because this forum is not viewable to everyone, please do not discuss it elsewhere on the forum.


So in this forum you can either offer things, request them, or offer up trades. These things are usually going to be unique, one-time use kind of things. Examples include things like Coke or Pepsi codes, those "points for education" box tops, cigarette checks or coupons, formula checks or coupons, one-time use coupons for online stores such as Staples or Dell, printed coupons for brick & mortar stores, etc...


If you are looking for a deal on something, you should continue to post those threads in the Deal Finder forum. Also, this is not a forum for buying or selling. If you have something and would like someone to pay for shipping (such as sending a SASE for a coupon), that is fine. GottaDeal.com is not responsible or liable for any problems that occur during these transactions.


Updated information:


I realize that we haven't been very clear, so here's an attempt at being better at that:


The intention behind creating this subforum was to give active members a place to share, give, trade, and ask for the kinds of things that used to take place in signatures back when we had them, to give these things a place they no longer had.


By "these things" I mean things like one-time store discount codes, exceptional coupons (such as those for free pet food or double-digits off cosmetics), or Coke codes.


Somehow though, it this subforum had started to go directions that we did not intend or want - this is not a surrogate eBay or a coupon-trading/post-everything-in-my-coupon-box forum.


As we frequently explain, GottaDeal is first a business. Signficant portions of the site we have created to provide a community for members that do not generate income, but do all take resources, both server- and moderator-wise.


So, in summary, this is to share with other active members things that are low in value (nothing worth $100s) and unusual (not common coupons). I hope that this has helped. However, as we also frequently have to find ourselves saying, decisions about the Board are at the discretion of the Admins and Moderators, so this is closed for discussion. If you feel the need to raise any other issues about this, please PM me - do NOT start a new thread to discuss this.

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Please do not post here, or elsewhere on the GottaDeal outside of the actual BzzAgent thread, offering BzzAgent items, coupons, or rebates. There are simply too many people on the site that belong to BzzAgent for that.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. :)

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