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I did a thing!


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I got Brad's ok before I posted this.


I wrote my first book, its a Children's Christmas Book that's available on Amazon and Barnes/Noble.  If you like it, can you please share the links with friends/family?  Or write a review. 


Its about a little Maple leaf that doesn't want to fall off the tree because she wants to meet Santa.  The forest animals help her through some tough spots.


I'm super proud of it!

https://a.co/d/7cpPADL (Amazon link)

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/holding-on-for-santa-mimi-lakes/1144201683?ean=9798988926818 (BN)



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18 minutes ago, Bopeep said:

How exciting, congratulations!  I just ordered it and can’t wait to read it to my grands. 

Oh my goodness!  Thank you Bopeep!  I can't thank you enough.  Please tell me your honest thoughts.  I am truly touched..thank you again.

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I realized I'm not going to get my book until the end of the month, so I tried to order it on Kindle Unlimited. It let me, but then I couldn't download it to my Kindle because it says it's not compatible with this device. I don't know what's going on there, but I will be sure and let you know when I get the book and I'll leave a review on Amazon as well!

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6 hours ago, stevierocks said:

It’s out of stock , in both hard and soft covers . 

I had no idea (they don't let me know).  It is available now on Walmart as well or BN...the hardback is cheaper at Walmart than Amazon




Thank you for letting me know. 

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It came!  Great job, Setlok, I loved it! Such a sweet story, with a lesson in the true spirit of Christmas.


Every year, my grands get a box from their elf on the shelf when he leaves on Christmas Eve. A book is always part of the box, and I think this year Gingie will be leaving them a book about a very special maple leaf 🥰.

Photo Nov 29 2023, 4 10 31 PM.jpg

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