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JCPenney reveals Black Friday plans & ad release date


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"JCPenney Rewards members will get even more savings and smart shopping solutions all season, including an early preview of the full Black Friday ad on Nov. 1"


Someone needs to tell JCP that today is in fact November 1st...

I don't see the ad anywhere, they didn't send any email that I received as a Rewards member.



On 10/25/2023 at 9:27 AM, cllehto said:

Good to know. Would be interested to know how the giveaways will work.



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I haven’t been to JCP the last couple of years. The last time I went they said they had ran out of coupons and we weren’t even that far back in line. Plus once we were in the store they had the upstairs exterior doors locked and made you exit into the mall or out the downstairs door, it was a kinda weird way to do things.

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