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Sam's Club schedule of sales through the end of the year


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Apparently this catalog is hitting mailboxes this week. Haven't received mine yet but if you have one, send me a PM so we can get it on the site ASAP 🙂


In the meantime, here's their schedule of upcoming sales through the end of the year.



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Does Sam's do like Costco where you can buy giftcards and shop without a membership?


Ha!  This was my 1000th post!  Had I have noticed it I would have made it much more dramatic!

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I got this today and it has the picture you have posted on the back


33 minutes ago, ilikefree said:

When I log into USPS informed delivery it shows that it is coming today. However, I might not see it till next week, if at all.

Mine showed coming yesterday but got today 

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Will they have these books in store? We haven't received their sales books in the mail in sooo long. WE let our membership lapse and just renewed but haven't had a chance to go to the store to be sure we will get mailers.

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