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portable dvd player deals???


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Here are some links to check out:


Main deal listing for portable DVD players: http://av.gottadeal.com/deals-category-portabledvd.html

Black Friday deals: http://www.bf04.com/sales.php?search_query=portable+dvd

Model at Amazon for $175 shipped: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000C83IH


I would also encourage you to browse Overstock.com, and if you find a model you like, request an additional discount in this thread.

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OK this past Saturday I got one from Kohl's. It's an 8in for $199.(or it should have been) For some reason it rang up cheaper than that!! Yea for me ;) I wasn't going to argue that with the cashier. Because she didn't even notice it, I just kept her talking about how sorry I felt for them getting up so early to work! LOL God I'm bad! :evil::angel1: one sitting on each shoulder!
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