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Thanksgiving Planned Overs

Gator Pam

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We wound up with a 14+ pound bird for our festive meal. There are only three of us, all approaching senior hood. So, while we cut back on our side dishes this year, we still have quite a bit left.


Night 1 of using the planned overs always falls on Erev Shabbos, so that meal is easy:Festive Meal Redux. Sometimes I'll make matzah ball soup to serve at the start of the meal, just to change it up a little. But we just reheated the planned overs last night.


How are y'all using what you have left?

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Night 2 of eating planned overs we try to get a bit more creative: Monte Cristo sandwiches with cranberry orange sauce for dipping, rather than raspberry preserves. We also finished up the green bean casserole for our vegetable.



My version of a Bennigan's Monte Cristo sandwich



Dipped in to cranberry orange sauce with rosemary and bourbon, rather than raspberry preserves

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We finished up the planned overs on Tuesday. All we had left at that point was about 3 cups of white meat turkey which I cubed and froze for a future meal, and some crockpot stuffing. Since we are still in the midst of Hanukkah, I combined the stuffing with sweet potatoes and made stuffing-sweet potato latkes.



Shredded white fleshed sweet potatoes lightly steamed until just tender



What was left of the crockpot stuffing



Stuffing and sweet potatoes combined with beaten eggs to form the batter. What was nice was since the sweet potatoes were slightly cooked, there was no risk of the batter discoloring due to oxidation. What I didn't consider was the recipe didn't call for additional seasoning; I think it was assumed the stuffing seasoning would be enough. I found the results to be a little flat. I should have fried up a small tasting latke to balance the seasoning before forming the rest. I feel it definitely needed some salt.

Lesson learned.



Latkes formed and placed on parchment lined sheet pan, which has been lightly oiled to hopefully prevent sticking. Placed in to the refrigerator for a couple of hours to firm up before frying.



First batch in a shallow fry of extra light olive oil



Nice golden brown on the flip



As the oil got used, the latkes turned out a little darker. They didn't taste burnt to me, though.



Dinner plate with a different protein than turkey! Steak, steamed broccoli crowns, stuffing-sweet potato latkes, and some apple sauce with ground Ceylon cinnamon for dipping.



Happy Hanukkah!

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