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Need best deal with cell phones

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I'm going to get a new cell phone contract because I move to Madison, WI.

I need some advice where can I get the best deal in phones, I'm thinking getting Cingular Family plan with 700 minutes, but I want nice phones with it.

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best deals with cell phones... hm..amazon.com/ buy.com come to mind. with a new activation thats about the only way you are able to save some money.


are you set on cingular or whats the deal with that. I know Tmobile phones thru amazon/compusa are pretty dirt cheap with new activations. I dont know the type of user you are to suggest phones. A lot of ppl refer to "nice phones" in diffrent ways. Features? bluetooth. mp3? overall looks. smartphone stuff. flip phone.


I personally got myself a family plan with 3 phones. Overall i paid $50 after rebates for all 3 phones thru online deals. I got a moto razr, samsung t809 and a tmobile SDA for myself. i dont remember my plan but i think its 69$ a month plus $9 for the 3rd line. 700 mins, free nights/ weekends/ mobile 2 mobile. reception is based on your area as well. I was in the dell's not too long ago my tmobile service there wasn't too strong. But its solid here in detroit and Chicago.

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