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Angel Tree Gifts


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Hmm. Assuming she is a girlie girl, Barbie (and accessories), princess anything, pink and purple anything, 6 is a good age for Uno card game. Connect Four is also good about this age as is Aggrivation, Perfection, Twister or Ker-plunk.


Alot of girls are enjoying Legos. And there are girl oriented add on sets that are reasonable. Amazon fire tablets for kids are on sale this week if you want to do one bigger gift. I believe they come preloaded with games so you don't have to worry if the little girl had internet access.


Popular toys such as Baby Yoda and Blume dolls (This years version of hatchamals) would probably be welcomed. Crayola has some nice craft kit toys - a light board or a glitter spray set that most little girls would enjoy.


I am always leary of getting little girls toy makeup kits. But some kid bath bombs or flavored Chapstick would work.


I gave my god daughter a pop up puptent at that age. She had a ball playing in it in her room.


Hope that gets you started. Good luck. Thank you for adopting a child for Christmas!


Later edit:

Just looking through the black Friday sales. Amazon has a boogie board writing tablet for $9.99. A kid could have fun with that.

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