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A Product Review Section?


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I think it would be a nice touch to add a product review area to the forum. What does everyone think of this? :cool:

That could be interesting. I would consider making it a limited access forum much like the lounge is however. It should definately be "Off Topic" since this is primarily a deals site and not a review site.


I think that if it were public, it might just encourage spammers just that much more to create accounts and post bogus reviews.


On second thought, maybe not... there are tons of review sites out there already...




I'm going back and forth in my mind on this one.



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This is a good suggestion but it won't be happening anytime soon :)


If it's a technology product, feel free to post reviews (complete with pictures of course) in the technology forum. Using a descriptive thread title such as:

Review: [Manufacturer and product name or model number here] would help as well.



Review: Canon PowerShot A530

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