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YMMV: Large 1-topping Pizza from Domino's Pizza just $5 (must pick-up)


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The Domino's Pizza around here is having a HOT deal!


Large 1-topping pizza for only $5

The only catch is you have to pick it up


For me it is WELL worth it!!!


BTW, I asked the workers last night how long this will last and she said probably until October.


So call your local Domino's and ask if they are doing this deal. If they are, would you mind posting it on this thread.



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We have a chain here in Gator Town called Five Star Pizza. Their extra large is 18", and they are offering delivery of a 1 topping extra large for $8.99. IMO, it is a way better tasting pizza than Dominoes, so I take advantage of that fairly frequently.
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There is also the six mix deal where you can get 3 large 1 topping pies for $6 each, or 2 order of breadstick, wings or something else and mix and match them. You order 3 and they are $6 each.


We used to do the 555 deal with 3 medium 1 topping pizzas for $5 each, but now we can get larges for $1 more each. Plus you can have it delivered, but we do carryout becuase we are like 2 minutes away.

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