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Need Help finding Apartment in Madison WI

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I need help finding a nice apartment in a safe zone in Madison, WI. I need to move there July-Aug I Have been looking in the web but the one I like is in a unsafe area, so maybe here anyone can help me, I want a 2 bedroom apatment 1+ bathroom; 650-900 monthly:eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin



administrator I dont know if here is the correct place to start this thread, if not please move it to the rigth place

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Guest Frieked
*sigh* Looking at those listing it pains me living on LI where the cost of living is about 2X as much.
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I go to grad school at UW-Madison!! Try the Wisconsin State Journal website. If I remember right they often have a link somewhere on that site for apartment rentals. Good luck and if there is any other questions you have about the city let me know!!
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I go to grad school at UW-Madison!!

hi there fellow grad student! :D


sadinuel, i apologize i just found out about this thread by way of Rossman's pm (sorry guys, i haven't checked in here for a while :(). please just disregard my comments below if it's way too late.


i think your budget is perfect to get a nice 2 bed/1 bath apartment in Madison. just like it is in most places, the closer you are to downtown, the higher the rent will be.


all in all, Madison is a very safe place to live. however, the general rule is that the South side is a no-no. East side is marginally better but more suitable if you're looking for a house (lots of brand new housing complex less than half a mile outside Madison to the East towards Sun Prairie). if you're looking for an apartment, your best bet in my opinion is the West side. you're going to find a lot better places in the West side. you'll find plenty apartments to choose from, all your needs will be covered here, a couple of grocery stores nearby, department stores (Target or Walmart, take your pick), malls, schools, and everything. this actually extends to the city of Middleton (the city next to Madison to the West, which is really just about 3 miles from downtown Madison and about a mile from all your needs as i mentioned above).


btw, is anybody curious about the North side? well, this area is only suitable for you if you like swimming a lot. because Madison's North side is Lake Mendota :D


anyway, i hope this information is still useful for you. please contact me via pm or e-mail if you need more information.


a couple of good websites to find information about apartment renting in Madison:





good luck!

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I know a private landlord that has a building 2 blocks from Vilas Park (Prime Area) It isn't the greatest building for the area but by no means is it uninhabitable. He rent to students and I if I remember correctly your heat is included. Very Important for that area! He has an attic apartment. It is a two bedroom. Kinda small but more than adequate for just one person. The landlord's name is Roy Shanks. Check the phone book. He lives on the West Side. I cannot remember the name of the street he lives on though. I believe it is worth a call and a look see if he has an opening.


Also, check out 1339 Drake Street 700 will get you 1/2 of that duplex. 3 bedrooms and a fireplace.

This is right across from a small little store. It is the first house on the right, right after the park. I loved this apartment.You can hear the Lion roar at night. It's cool. The Zoo is right behind you. Don't worry it's not too loud. Landlord was cool too.

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Cronos - I know you were only trying to help, and your comment was general..but ouch.


There are some areas of the southside that are not wholly unliveable. I, in fact, manage a 49 unit apartment building located on McDivitt Road (off the Todd Drive exit on the beltline). My family and myself have worked very hard to keep our neighborhood safe, friendly and affordable. I realize there are some areas on the south side that are less than savory, and I will concede to that point. BUT there are landlords working very hard to keep up and improve the certain areas of said south side. Madison, although it is quite safe (and I say all of this as a private citizen, as Fair Housing Laws prevent me from commenting on demographics, area safety and all that stuff) We like to think that we offer a high value for our renters' dollar (and hope that our residents agree).


Lest you good folks think I am here to rent an apartment, let me say we have no 2 bedrooms available in the near future...Although ours are a great value at $625!

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