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Amtrak.com - Buy 1 Train Fare Get 1 Train Fare FREE (exp 12/6/06)


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Buy 1 Train Fare Get 1 Train Fare Free.

Here is the info:


Code: H568

This code doesn't work on sleeper or Auto train. Only works on train fare. Blackout days: JANUARY 13-16,2006; FEBRUARY 17-20, 2006; APRIL 13-17, 2006; MAY 26-29, 2006; SEPTEMBER 01-04, 2006; OCTOBER 06-09, 2006; NOVEMBER 09-12,2006; NOVEMBER 21-28, 2006; code Expires Dec. 6th 2006


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thanks my son and his gf took advantage of this and are traveling

from Providence to DC and on to Chicago and back for less than $300 thanks

to this posting. Since they are poor college students this really helped them

out:fluffy: They are going out to visit her family etc. The discount is if

you and your child or any 2 people are looking at colleges. All they have to

do is check out a school during their vacation and there you go. I am not even sure you would have to since they already honored this price when

they purchased their tix.


Thanks again



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we had no trouble buying their tickets...just put in the dates and destinations

and then the code and there was the discount price. BTW they bought their

tix last weekend and are traveling on 8/2/06...so I don't consider that too

far in advance. Maybe it depends on where you are going?

Just FYI

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