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FREE Gorilla Tote Sample


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Far as I'm concerned, this was a complete scam to get email addresses. I ordered a sample bag on the 9th when I saw this post, then got multiple duplicate emails asking for a quantity amount so they could give a 'no obligation' price quote, before they could process the request. So I did that. Next day I had 2 more such requests. Next day were more worthless emails, some just checking to see if I sent a quantity quote. Day 4 or so I got four more emails, the last three saying they got swamped with 20,000 requests and had only been able to send 250-500 bags out, and that was all they were doing, so I'd either get one in a week or two, or not. Which means not. There was also a BS explanation that they hadn't authorized being on any free sample sites, yet they have free sample buttons ON their page of bags! No notice about being so limited or that they need a quantity quote. I unsubscribed to their emails, haven't had any more today, so hope that worked. What a joke.

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