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Good King Mattress

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I'm predicting Rossman will recommend Costco... I'm psychic don't you know, oh, wait a minute, psycho, darn.

Normally I would but they usually stock Queen size not King in their warehouses. You can special order them but you have to pay for shipping and handling which kind of kills the deal IMHO.
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Check Samsclub, and check mattress giant clearance centers. I was told be an employee when I bought my last mattress, that most mattresses are marked up 200%. I verified this last year when my mother bought a new mattress, the store had the price book laying on the counter... oops. She got hers 50%, and still paid twice what the store did. Moral if it aint half off or better, shop elsewhere your getting ripped off. Sams and Costco usually have much lower margins though.
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