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Buy a Dyson Vacuum from LNT.com, Get $100 GC by mail!


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We bought one a couple of months ago. It truly is amazing what it picks up. The biggest problem is if you have rugs, it will suck them up off of the floor. You cannot vaccuum a rug with the base unit, you have to use the wand and an attachment to do that very well. The extension handle where the wand is seem to be kinda cumbersome to me.


Just to vaccuum the floor, it rates exceptionally well with me, but for some less common type things like rugs, furniture, cars or the like it is kind of a pain because of the cumbersome nature of the wand.

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Does anyone have a direct link or a copy of the actual rebate form for the $100 Gift Card. It no longer shows up as a blurb on the LNT website when ordering a Dyson vac.


Thank You,



Updated: Found a copy of the rebate form.

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I've had one (the Dyson Animal) for a year now and it's a good vacuum, but as the previous writer wrote, it is quite cumbersome. It will suck rugs right off the floor , but isn't the greatest for picking stuff up from wall corners. You have to use the wand for that.


With all the hype and the cost - I honestly thought it would be better. BUT, you'll be amazed as to how fast the unit fills with dirt and debrise.


I miss my canister vac:(

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