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My son had mentioned wanting something like a Roomba for his apartment but didn't want to spend that much money on that brand. A couple months ago I saw a different brand with good reviews for around $100 using coupon codes. I'm kicking myself right now for not buying it when I saw it! Has anyone seen anything similar at an affordable price? Thanks in advance.

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I have a Roomba 690. It was my X-mas gift from hubby last year, and yes, I wanted it!  We have hardwood floors throughout our one level home with an area rug in one bedroom.  Overall, I love it and think it does a great job! It gets under the beds, dressers etc. every time - A place I'll admit I did not vacuum frequently on my own.  


We have four cats and I wanted something to keep up with the furry tumbleweeds and kitty litter.  This does an excellent job.  I'll share some of my pro's and con's with you.


Don't take for granted that you can run this everyday when you are away from home.  It's a 50/50 shot that the Roomba will get stuck on something.  It gets stuck on the long curtains in my living room. It gets stuck under the lip of the dishwasher. It gets stuck under our hutch that has a larger clearance in the middle than the sides and it will wedge itself under the lower trim pieces. It also battles my bathroom rug.


It has NEVER fallen off the steps to the drop down den or my drop down closet.  However, it will push things off this ledge (hello kitty water bowl).  


You cannot have a house where you have shoes, random socks, cat toys scattered around the floor. Sometimes it's harmless and it will push a shoe under the bed for you to find. Sometimes the random sock will get stuck in the wheels and it will stop cleaning until you fix it. Cords can also be a problem.


As long as I run the Roomba three days a week, my floors stay really clean.  However, this particular unit is a little loud. My hubby works from home and if he's on a conference call when the Roomba is running, I have to cancel the cleaning job until he's not on the phone.


Do not think you can throw out your traditional vacuum cleaner.  You will find lots of little places the Roomba cannot get to - like behind doors, under chairs etc.


Overall I love my Roomba and would never give it up.  I would splurge for a quiet model if you think the noise will bother you.  It does keep me honest with keeping clutter off my floors!

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