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Ring doorbells!


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We have a Ring Two.  I like it, but I don't love it!  Let me share my experience with you.  Costco had a great deal last holiday season.


First off it was very easy to get installed and set up.  We DID buy an extra battery at the same time we purchased.  It's nice to have one charged when you get the dreaded low battery warning. On average ours lasts about 3 months.


We live on a pretty busy street with moderate foot and car traffic.  I turned off the motion alerts after a few weeks because it made me crazy. Every time someone walked or drove past the house, my phone would chime.  There was no setting in the range that made this stop. Some of this was because of the way our house sits. We face due South and the cars will catch the sun and reflect it back to the doorbell - thus triggering the motion.


The doorbell works. The catch is that the app is really slow (running on my Galaxy S7).  If someone is at the door and waiting for me to answer (like a door to door salesman) then I can easily bring up the app and see who is on my porch.  But if it's a delivery person (Amazon, UPS etc) they are gone by the time I can get the app up.  Usually I can catch the car or truck driving away.  


The other issue is that the speaker feature is really lacking. If you're expecting to engage people like the commercials (get off my lawn!) then you will be disappointed.  There is a substantial lag and the voice quality is sketchy. Usually you can get enough of what someone is saying to get the point - but you are certainly not having a conversation to tell someone who stopped by for a visit that you're out shopping and will be home in thirty minutes.  You get the point.


Overall I'm glad I have it. But it's not quite up to what I had expected.  As a note, my aunt who lives catty-corner to me has a Ring Pro and has the same issues.

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