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Toys R Us Really Messed Up


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I know NES Classic and Hatchimals are the hottest items this year and last night toys r us was receiving shipments of them in. I must say how disappointed I was in the way my store handled their process and how many people were promised these items and then actually walked away empty handed and how unfair it was. I got up and headed out at 4:30. Arrived at 4:40 am. There was already a line of nearly 30 people. First person had been there since midnight. At about 6:30 am the store manager comes out with a clipboard and takes a count of people roughly. Then he comes back around and asks people what they were in line for. People were allowed to choose one of each item. I was number 30 and I asked for an NES classic and a hatchimal. 10 people past me he cut the line and told everyone else to go home because at that point he didn't have enough stock left to fulfil orders. He said everyone else standing in line was promised what they were asking for and that they would get their items. Tickets would be handed out at 7:30. I noticed shortly afterwards people started jumping in line and getting out of their cars and going to the front of the line and the front of the line was growing longer. No one was saying anything. I commented to the people around me but they said they thought those people had been there before. The manager came back out at 7:05 or so with tickets and started handing them out and got 1/4 of the way through the line and said they were suddenly out of NES classics and hatchimals and they would have rainchecks for 15 more hatchimals and no more NES classics. People were extremely upset and he said it was one per person when he had originally said it was one per family. He changed his mind later to one per person. Store policy even states one per family. I understand it was stressful for him and everyone but 15 people are not in one family. Those people were likely going to sell all of those items on ebay for hundreds of dollars when a parent wanted one toy for their child for christmas to make them happy. It just wasnt fair or right. Sorry to vent. Yes I did luckily get my hatchimal but I think of the many people behind me who did not and it wasn't right. They were promised one or the NES classic who did not and it was wrong what he did. They waited so long in the cold for nothing.

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