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Petmate; Fresh Flow Cat Fountain Now $16.99 (Was $55.74) @ amazon


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Petmate Fresh Flow Cat Fountain


Now $16.99 (Was $55.74)





  • Pets love fresh flowing water!
  • Large ultra-quiet purifying pet fountain for multiple cat households or small dogs.
  • Provides naturally cool and oxygenated water.
  • Features include a replaceable filter and a reservoir that adds water automatically.
  • Size: 50 ounces -- 13.5 x 9 x 7 inches -- Color: White


Ripped from DH

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Guest DigDoug

I stopped at Petsmart tonight to pick one of these up. Well, they being sold in the stores for $31.99. I asked the cashier if she could look it up online and Petsmart doesn't have that ability. I didn't bring a printout and I really didn't want to come back to the store. I walk down to BestBuy and found a friendly female associate to print off the page for me. I went back to Petsmart and got the water fountain for $16.99 + tax, no questions asked. The cashier was amazed at the deal. LOL


Bottom line... print out the price from the website if you plan on going in the store.

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My brother is as manager at petsmart, and he said its policy to meet there price...no problem, just take in a print out. I think this is a real great idea, except my kitties love to play in the water, getting water everywhere...and this would make that even easier.
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We've had 3 of these over about the past 4-5 years. They are great for a while and then they start rattling and making a lot of noise as the pump wears out. There are no decent bearings in the pump. They wear out fast and that's the end of the road for it.


The cats sure do like the waterfall, however.


We've returned all but the first one for replacement or a refund.


Save the box and your receipt !


WalMart has the charcoal cartridges in the aquarium supplies area for way less than the ones in PetSmart too.

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