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BF and Camcorders


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Hey everyone! :)


Do any of you with prior Black Friday experience know if Camcorders are drastically reduced on the day after Thanksgiving? I know things such as computers and DVD players are at the top of the list... But would a place such as Best Buy have Camcorder deals, too?



Thank you!

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There is a chance that there will be 2-3 really nice camcorder deals, but chances are any camcorder deal you'll see on BF will have been available online in the last few months. The "regular" prices are so high at places like BB that even the sale prices are not anything really hot.


What particular model(s) are you looking for? Maybe we can find you a deal somewhere now.

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Hi NeedACam,


Welcome to the GottaDeal forums :)


Brad posted a comprehensive list of 2003 BF Deals which had a few camcorder deals:


"WalMart","Quasar VHS-C Camcorder - $194.00"


"Sears","Camcorders (0% to Jan 05 on Camcorder over - $299 Fri Only)"

"Sears","Canon Mini-DV Camcorder (SKU:58543) - $499.99"

"Sears","Hitachi DVD Camcorder (SKU:58483) - $899.99"

"Sears","Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder (SKU:58623) - $299.99"

"Sears","Samsung Hi-8 Camcorder (SKU:58723) - $199.99"

"Sears","Sony HandyCam DVD (SKU:59083) - $899.99"

"Sears","Sony Hi-8 Camcorder (SKU:82951) - $299.99"


"Best Buy","Canon ZR60 MiniDV Camcorder - $300 A/R"


"Circuit City","$199.99: Canon Hi-8 Camcorder w/Image stabilization"


"Target","Samsung hi8 camcorder SC-L810 $184.88"


It's nice to see several camcorder choices in the $300 price range :2woot:

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I don't really see any really hot deals on those models now. ECost has an OK price on the 14 model, but nothing else that I can see right now. Give it another month and see what BF and the online stores have to offer.


Dell usually has good deals on camcorders - many times 15-20% off plus $40 coupons, but they carry mostly Canon models.

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Well this is probably technology going the wrong way (lol) but at my work right now we have Canon ES-8600 hi-8 analog (LOL) camcorders New in boxes for $100 plus an additional 25% off....so $75. I'm not saying where on here because I want one left for ME! (I figure I can use it for now and then give it to my son when I can afford a DV)


Where are you located if you don't mind me asking?

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