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NEW Luvs Diaper Coupon at Target 6/13/06


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Is it me or did Luvs just start putting coupons in the paper? I remember reading on the Luvs site before, some reviews to a survey and the one thing people commented on was how they wish Luvs would start putting out coupons because many mom's would buy other brands because they had coupons and it worked out to be cheaper than Luvs. I was really excited to see a coupon in the paper a couple weeks ago for them! Plus one time there was a coupon in my package of diapers, but haven't gotten anymore from them since.
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Thanks this will help. Our first child is due in just under a month. From what i read you go through 4000+ diapers in the first year.

Don't stock up too soon.... I did this.. and at first my son (7lbs) only fit in preemie diapers... Then size ones .... then jumped to 3s... So basically i have a 2 year old sharing pull-ups with her 9 month old brother.. and a mess load of almost full packs of opened diapers!!! Do stock up on wipes though!!

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Target has LUVS boxes on sale this week for $17. If you buy 2, you receive a $5 Target gift card. If you use the $2 web coupon and $1 circular coupon on each of them, essentially you can get the boxes for $11.50 each!
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