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PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

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#1 riven3d  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 28, 2015 - 6:47 am

I bought this bundle online at Target the Sunday before Black Friday, because of the 10% off deal that was good that day only, online only. Two weeks later they put it on sale for $50 cheaper,no problem I call customer service up and they give me the price adjustment. Shift to Christmas Day arrives and my daughter opens it up and is happy to get one, with dinner plans later and other presents, we did not get around to setting it up until Sunday. Sunday afternoon we start taking it out of the box and plug everything in, turn on the machine and the horror begins, it is displaying an error message, after looking up what the code means online I find a possible fix for it, and nope it didn't work.

My choices are to call Sony about or take it back to Target, yep another problem it's out of stock.... Call up Target Customer Service and talk to them and have choices again, take it back and get a refund, leaving us with no system to play and games I bought to play, get a refund and wait for it to come back in stock, whenever that might be, issue there being having to pay full price and I tell the rep that so they offer to make a note on my account where I could just call in and they would place a new order and honor the price I paid for it. Option 3 call the stores and see if any have one in stock, so this morning I get up and call the only store around that's says they might have one in stock, talk to them they just happened to of had one just returned, told them to please hold it for me as I need to exchange mine for it I will be there in 30 minutes, we arrive there and he brings it over on the box is clearance sticker. After it all ends we walked out with a working system and $20 back in my pocket.

My experience turned out good in the end but I've heard some worse stories, one about this 10 yr old who got this bundle to only open it up to find a piece of wood with a nasty note taped to it. Target made it right by replacing it and giving them a $100 gift card, but the family says the damage is done he lost his faith in Santa, thinking that is who did this.

#2 Kanyon71  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 29, 2015 - 3:39 pm

Hopefully whoever returned that with the wood in it was stupid and returned it without a receipt and had to show ID. Stores can track that stuff and one way or another (legal or karma) I hope they get what is most assuredly owed to them.

#3 len_mullen  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 30, 2015 - 4:39 pm

Lesson learned, r3d.  ALWAYS open, set up, and test any important gift as early as possible.  


I bought an Xbox One and Battlefront on BF.  When it arrived, I set it up, paired the controllers, and took all updates.  Satisfied, I packed everything up for Christmas.  Before anyone got up Christmas morning, I set the whole thing up.  Everything went great except there was another update for the console and the controllers.  When the update completed, the box rebooted and came up to a blank screen.  A few minutes on Google and I suspected the issue was the default video configuration and my AVR.  I confirmed this by plugging directly into the tv, made the necessary changes, plugged it back into the AVR and was good to go -- with hours to spare.


So, even the best laid plans...


Glad things worked out for the both of us.  Hope your daughter enjoys the game.

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