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Today is my last work day this week, and I don't often get on the computer at home, so I wanted to take this time to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  I hang around Gottadeal all year, but don't post much, and I get really excited when my "GD Friends" start trickling in around Sept/Oct.  SO, since I probably won't talk to you all again for a while, I hope you all have a Very Merry CHRISTMAS, A Happy and safe NEW YEAR, A love filled VALENTINE'S DAY, A fun and painless ST. PATRICK'S DAY, A blessed EASTER, A reflective MEMORIAL DAY, An exciting 4TH OF JULY, A relaxing LABOR DAY, and A scary & safe HALLOWEEN!   And I hope you thoroughly enjoy whatever other holidays you celebrate or I missed (I mean no offense if I left out an important holiday).  I will see you in the fall!  

:gdhug5:  :gdhug5:

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