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Adopt an Elder for Christmas...


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This was posted on FB today by an employee of the nursing home in my hometown specifically for their facility, but I thought it would be a timely reminder for all of us... I know it's got me to thinking and wanting to do more!  :gdbouquet1:  :gdhug5:



At this time of year we all tend to be a bit more stretched… both mentally & financially. Everywhere we go we see trees that are graced with angel cards, which hold a host of wishes, for very deserving children. We hear bells ringing, as smiling faces greet & thank us, as we drop a few dollars into a bucket. We see collection bins mounding with food, so no family goes without a holiday meal. We are out and about, with family and friends, buying gifts, sharing a meal, mingling, making memories, & just being together. We are happy to see each other & share in the holiday spirit. We share with each other and with total strangers…all because we want others to know they are loved, remembered, wanted, and valued. We want to help be a part of something bigger than us, something that makes us sink into that “feel-good warmth” that we get when we open our hearts and share with others. Sometimes we forget just where all people truly gather. You see, while we are out and about, in the world, at work, at home, at school, going about our daily lives…what about those that can’t be out? What about those that are slowly aging? Those that are in a nursing home? Have we remembered them? They simply can no longer go out at any time they choose. They rely on kind hearted staff to help care for them from day to day. Some of the men and women in a nursing home get visitors and some don’t. It’s a sad reality when you think about it. They are in a different environment than that of you and I. Their daily living needs aren’t as easily met as they used to be…when they were younger or before a medical emergency affected them. They now depend on caring hearts of family, friends, staff & strangers. They need a little extra love and attention. They need a few small acts of kindness. Remember, it’s the small things that count, right? I know that things are tight at this time and I know that we are all busy. I also know that we want others to know the joy of feeling loved and remembered. Will you help spread your love? 
If you can, PLEASE HELP, to make this Christmas one to be remembered. Be the friend that brought a smile to a person’s heart. Be the joy that helps someone to know they are remembered!!! Be the extension of support that our aging loved ones need! ADOPT AN ELDER from the nursing home today!

Items NEEDED: (new)
*Electric razors….(all they have are the cheap ones and they are hard on frail skin)
3 are being asked for right now
*Facial lotion to help with smoothing skin
*Jogging pants…sizes Med-2xl
*T-shirts…Sizes Med-2xl
*Socks…just normal socks (they have plenty with the no skid)
*deodorant- men & women
*denture cleanser
*Kleenex brand tissue…something that is soft and catches the boogies

NEEDED for entertainment & therapy (new)
*Movies…FAMILY appropriate
*Word search books
*Paint by number sets
*Coloring books & crayons
*Musical CD’s (they like the oldies)
*Play dough 


This may be the only time of the year that some are remembered or their families simply may not be able to help. Thank you for being such sweet angels!!! 


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wow...this is so true!!

 and time may be as valuable to them of not more so maybe you can visit and even bring cupcakes .. as they may not get a visitor.. however the flip side is ... be prepared for what you might get if you visit.. ( first im not sure if the facility will allow it) but you may get someone who is cranky.(as they kinda have a given right to be) or that does not have a clear mind.. be prepared as if it smells bad there, remember they have to live with that smell all day and night! better yet think... maybe someone you KNOW might be in this situation where they really would appreciate a visitor!!

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The local nursing home I live by does this and even (at least they have in years past) have had a "Decorate The Door" where youth groups or anybody picks a resident's door and gives it a holiday facelift.  I think they do this for Halloween too.  I think its great that they do it.

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We have a Senior "Tree" at work that works just like the Angel Trees. I always get at minimum the items on their tag and usually double what they've asked for (2 shirts, 2 blankets 1 Holiday and 1 "normal", etc). I love to throw in little extras too and this list is a great help for those, especially the arts and crafts items. I've already turned my gifts in for this year but will make note of these for next year.

Thanks for posting!

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They cancelled the Santa for a Senior program here, So my 40 residents would have been out of luck, But my son as part of his community service project for FFA helped me make tags from their list and put up a tree in a local Grocery store, still have about 10 tags on the tree and not anything has come back yet. Getting a little nervous but I have faith. 

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I really love this idea.  So many charities out there for kids and families but not a lot for seniors.  We live in a 55+ community and are getting together to buy little gifts for residents in a nursing home and going to deliver them the week before Christmas along with caroling.  Two of my friends visit nursing homes with their therapy dogs and the people there love it.  Most just want some company and time, and of course they remember the dogs they had and appreciate interacting with these dogs.


Speaking of...........don't forget to remember the local animal shelters.  Most of them get no help at all from the government and could use all sorts of things not only at Christmas but all year through.

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