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Ebay store deals


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Thanks for posting this. I really like the prices of a few of their things, but I'm too far from Navarre OH to pick what I really want up!! The Little Tikes play gym is awesome LOL

This is very similar to buyessex that used to be on ebay. They now sell on overstock.com.

They are here locally in TN. There's a location in Madison not too far from you.

It's in Madison square next to Big Lots, AJ Wright and Shoneys.


You should check it out if you get over that way. Great deals on best buy and radio shack returns. I've gotten lots of stuff from them.


Their site is


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I found an ebay store that has some really good deals. It is called retail surplus. They have all sorts of things. I got a kidcraft train table that retails for 134.00 for 21.00. Most of the things are open box but like new condition.

OK I give up... Where is it on EBay.. ? I can't find it. I looked in the EBay store section and nothing was there.

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