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Best and Worst Black Friday Memories


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The first or one of the first years my son went black Friday shopping I remembered my son had left his jacket in the car after he went to bed.  I was nice and brought it in for him.  However he woke up earlier than the rest of the family going and went outside to get his jacket that he thought was still in the car.  Unfortunately while he was out the door locked behind him, and no jacket anyway.  He was trying to be nice and did not want to wake anybody so he went to the back yard and curled up on a piece of deck furniture.  There might have been a blanket out there.  It worked out pretty well for him because he got to see an owl out there, and was happy about that. That made the cold and inconvenience more than worth it for him.  He was around middle school age then.

My husband usually does the actual in-store black Friday shopping, and I shop on-line.

Last year however our usual Thanksgiving gathering was delayed because my mom got sick that week.  My daughter wanted some Pyrex from Wal-Mart so off we went.  Of course the parking lot was overflowing.   I dropped off my daughter to get the Pyrex.  I finally found a  semi-decent parking spot.  My son was home sick with the respiratory influenza and had mentioned wanting to eat crackers.  We were low on them, so after I parked I figured I could slip into Wal-Mart and quickly grab some from the grocery section which should be a ghost town.  Then hand them off to my daughter to pay for with the Pyrex.  

Yep, there were masses of people of course, and the way the store had aisles blocked off made it difficult to even get to the grocery section.  I probably should have just gone under the tape blocking aisles.  I finally got the box of crackers and started making my way to the front.  Of course by this time my daughter had already paid for the Pyrex.  I ditched the crackers.

I got my crackers later at Target; even there I had to go all the way past the blocked off area to get into the food area and I think the lady standing guard thought I was crazy when I told her I wanted a box of crackers.  The food area was right before the registers and they were telling people to have all their purchases before getting in line.


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