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wow, glad i held out for Family Guy Vol. 3, that is a great price at 19.97. The only problem now is I have to find another 5 bucks to get free shipping.

there's a site somewhere that shows you items to make up the difference to get free shipping, i think it was posted on here at some point but i dont remember where or when :(

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If you bought any of these recently, don't forget to email or call Amazon to get a credit for any difference in prices. I had just purchased (2 weeks ago)seasons 1-4 of 24. Yesterday, I emailed them saying that the price of the box set had dropped , and in addition the individual seasons are much less expensive than buying the boxed set. I already received notification that they would be crediting my credit card the difference (not just the $10 for the boxed set, but the difference between what I paid and buying them individually). Now that's a great "unadvertised" price matching policy. Hope someone else can benefit
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