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What kind, and when to buy a TV

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I'm trying to find a flat screened 32-35" Television, but have been dizzied by the amount of research out there, and pros and cons I've read, so I figured I'd call out to GottaDeal Nation for advice. The when springs from when the old models go out, and the new models come in, anybody know when that might be?


I know I should go LCD or Plasma, but cost and kids make that not the best idea just yet - so I'll go with the 'ol non-threatening 150lb TV that could fall on them.....

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Are you a member of CostCo or Sam's Club?


CostCo currently has their twice yearly sale and this time several HDTV's are on sale :)

  • Panasonic 50" Plasma 1366x768 3000:1 HDMI HDTV-Ready for $2,999.99 after $300 off (Jan 9 to Jan 15) Model # TH-50PM50U
  • Philips 50" Plasma HDTV 2HDMIs, Tuner, 1366x768, $$2599.99 ( Jan 23 to Jan 29)
  • Sony 32" LCD HDTV-Ready BRAVIA Feb 27 to Mar 5
  • Sceptre 42" 1920x1080 LCD HDTV - $500 off the price... (True 1080p) Mar 6 to Mar 12
  • Vizio 42" Plasma HDTV for $1500
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