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Kitchen Aid 4.5qt stand mixer


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You can check out kitchen collection if you have one in your area. they sell remanufactured kitchenaids. I bought a 6QT pro model for around $235 five yrs ago. I'm sure the smaller machines are cheaper. Kitchencollection.com is their website, but I don't know if they sell the remanufactured machines there. :)
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Watch your paper for the BBB and LNT 20% off one item coupons! That is how i got mine a few months ago- LOVE IT!!!

Some people were making fun of me saying i would never use it, i use it all the time!! Heck just for the christmas cookies i made it paid for itself!


I was wondering if that would be my best bet...every time I see one of those things I wonder...LOL. I will check all of the mentioned sites -- thanks guys!

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