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Looking for good prepaid ceNllular

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Need both phone and service. Hubby is buying it for his son. Verizon stinks. So far it is net 10 or virgin mobile which aren't that rgeat either but I do realize this s prepay. I can't add him to my account because I was with ATT and since cingular took over if I make any changes I have to switch to one of their plans and trust me no one has a deal even close to what I have *LOL*


Anyone know of any incentives or have experience with prepay?



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My kids have VirginMobile. My daughter used to have Cingular's KIC phone--I liked the Virgin interface better and she got a Virgin phone for Christmas ($37 at Target) Their coverage here is through Sprint and is pretty good. Topping up their phones is easy and their incentives for getting others to sign up is nice. It's $20 for a new user. That's very nice LOL
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The net 10 is pulling me because its 10 cents a minute no extra charges. Everyone else has all these extras like 1 dollar a day or 25 cents for the first few minutes etc. Driving me nuts. I think they purposefully try and drive you nuts *LOL* Tmobile is cool too but you get the 10 cents a minute only after you spend 100 dollars. Why is everything always so dang complicated grrrr
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I bought Virgin for dd, ds, (teens) and no problems at all.

Great reception here (mass) they have the same network

as Sprint, fyi. They also have deals and I believe 3 different

plans as well. Great customer service as well. We are very satisfied

with Virgin all the way around





you can also get some deals on phones for

Virgin on ebay

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