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Plans for the various Black Friday sub-forums & Cyber Monday


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The plans:

* Tonight or tomorrow, as the online sales wind down we'll move the threads from the Online Black Friday Shopping sub-forum to the appropriate individual store sub-forums for any further discussion. DONE

* We'll also move the threads from the "Posted Black Friday Ads" to the Store-Specific Forums. DONE

* The remaining Black Friday forums (this main BF forum & the store-specific boards) along with the Holiday Discussion board will remain open until the end of the year at which point they'll all be combined into one forum and archived with the other years. We'll keep one Black Friday forum open all year for any discussion that pops up.

As for Cyber Monday, because Cyber Monday has become "Cyber Week" with sales already starting tonight, and because we don't receive much information ahead of time as far as what items will be for sale, we don't plan to have a dedicated Cyber Monday forum again this year.

Instead, we'll be posting Cyber Week sales information in the main year-round Online Hot Deals forum, and we invite you to please share whatever Cyber Week deals you find there as well. This way there will be just one forum to check for the online deals instead of two.

Just wanted to let everyone know what was going to happen :D

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We going to have the open all year Black Friday forum? I think we need to start planning for next year now. Man I wonder when the first ad will be out (there I got it out of the way). :)


Sure, why not. There wasn't much discussion in it last year but we can try it again.

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