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Advice on Amazon Lightning Deals


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I'm not knocking Amazon at all, I love it. I'm a Prime member and besides the grocery store it's where I spend most of my discretionary income. However, before purchasing any lightning deal I take advantage of the 15 minute window to do two things:



#1 I go to the item page itself just to make sure there isn't another option/color that isn't even cheaper or more of a preference  than the one offered on the lightning deal. This is an example I just came across and was the catalyst for this thread:





You'll see the red option is the "lightning deal" but if you click on the blue option it's like a dollar less, but you would never know that if you didn't go to the product's page.



#2 I google the item to see if the lighting deal price is, in fact actually a "deal". I considered getting this for my husband, but then when I googled I saw they had it at a few stores for the same price as the "Lightning Deal" of $69. The main page says $89, but if you are reading this very soon after I post it you might still be able to find it listed in the deals.




I'm sure others have mentioned these issues before, but I felt they were worth bring up again. I hate to see people spend money thinking they are getting a deal when they aren't

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