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Sale items offered online?


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Hi guys!


This has probably been a topic already but I can't find it. I've always done brick and mortar on Black Friday but I'm looking to get my husband a laptop this year. Some of the ones I'm looking into are Thursday doorbusters, and since we'll be enroute from one dinner to another at that time, I don't think I'll be able to get to the stores until later on.


So my questions are: How do we know which items and doorbusters will be offered online? I know some items are listed store or online only, but the majority aren't. Additionally, are laptops huge ticket items that fly off the shelves like TVs?


I remember reading that we'll get the timing details of online BF sales about a week out, so will this include what will be online and what won't?


Thanks so much guys!!

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There is no way to 100% know what items will be online and which won't. I don't think there's ever been a major (WM, BB, Target, etc...) store that has put 100% of their ad items online at the sale price. There's always some that are out of stock or the prices never change.


Then there will be items marked as in-store only in the ads that will end up online too. You just have to be online when the sale goes live and take your chances. We'll have the schedule up in less than a week. You can also check the forum archives to see when online sales started in previous years and which stores people found the most items at.


Edit: continue discussion here: http://forums.gottadeal.com/topic/237416-in-this-thread-your-online-black-friday-shopping-questions-answered/

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