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JCPenney Black Friday Ad Posted


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There's some decent deals in here. This might be the place to go in the Kohl's ad really ends up missing the entire Home section. I initially found all the promotions to be a bit confusing and will have to re-process everything to determine what discount you get at what time so I can plan when to go in the store/shop online.


  • Coupon Giveaway: IN STORE ONLY, THURSDAY 5PM - while they last
    • $10 off $10 purchase (valid Thursday/Friday only) OR
    • 1 in 100 is $100 Super Coupon (valid Thursday thru Dec 24th); I have no idea what the other 99 are worth, $0??
    • So you either take your guaranteed $10 or take your 1% at $100, 99% chance $0?
  • $20 Bonus Cash: IN STORE ONLY,  FRIDAY 6AM - 1PM
    • $20 Bonus Cash when you spend $75 in store (valid to use Dec 2 - Dec 24)
    • 20% off if you use you JCP Credit Card
    • 15% otherwise (on most things)
    • 10% on certain categories
    • There is ALOT of fine print on this one; notably "excludes Big Buy (which is everything in this ad), Best Value, Disney, Licensed Team Apparel, ..."; so really maybe just good for some extra 15% discount on some random clearance clothes.


So, this helped me understand everything (hopefully it'll help someone else too), but didn't really entice me too much.  This is in the "MAYBE" pile.

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For me, this is the best ad so far.  I definitely expect to go to JCPenney this year (and possibly do some online shopping with them).


Note the offer to get a $25 coupon (to use later) when you buy $100 in gift cards.  They had this last year and there was no line at the one location they had set up to sell these in the store I went to.  I bought the $100 in gift cards, then immediately used them to make purchases that day, so you can get the extra $25 (25%) and still apply other coupons and deals (or use the gift cards as gifts, if you prefer).

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