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Target closing 11 stores


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This is surprising ...  If this is not the board to post it , please help me to move the correct board . Thanks


Following Target location are being close by next Feb ( 2015 )

Lithonia, Georgia
8109 Mall Parkway
Lithonia, Ga.

Castleton, Indiana
8448 Center Run Drive
Indianapolis, Ind.

Monroe, Michigan
2121 N. Monroe St.
Monroe, Mich.

Clinton, Iowa
2900 S. 25th St.
Clinton, Iowa

Wichita East, Kansas
301 S. Towne East Mall Drive
Wichita, Kan.

Northland, Michigan
21400 Northwestern Highway
Southfield, Mich.

McHenry, Illinois
1860 N. Richmond Road
McHenry, Ill

Bay City, Michigan
4135 Wilder Road
Bay City, Mich.

Austin, Minnesota
1701 18th Ave. N.W.
Austin, Minn.

Calumet City, Illinois
1717 E. West Road
Calumet City, Ill.

Carrolton, Texas
2620 N. Josey Lane
Carrollton, Texas

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Not surprising, probably more of just not the market for them, Looks like if they are all like the one in Carrollton Texas they are surrounded by 8 Targets, so closing one store down to open one in another market that is needed may be better business practices.  So its not good that they are closing but when you over saturate the market, your paying more for an extra store than turning profit.

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My secondary Target closed in January, has been sad not having that extra store to check for things. My next closest, besides my main one 5 minutes away, is about 45 minutes. It was close to a mall area, and many other stores have closed in that area as well.


interesting though, the Lithonia, GA store listed above, is literally across the street from a mall. The closest store I can think of is probably 20 minutes from there. Wonder if places close to malls suffer more? Dunno.

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The closet Target to me is 45 miles away.  I am glad its not on the list.  It is inside a mall, but I would really prefer it be a Super Target standalone store.  The town has one Target, but 4 Walmart's.  Though a lot of the Walmart heirs and relatives do live in the town so I guess it makes sense.

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