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Deals on Uggs


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Are there SPECIFIC Uggs you are looking for?  In last year's list of BF Sale items, Uggs does not come up.


If you are looking for uggs at a discount, try 6pm.com: 

However, they do not have the popular/classic styles often.


If you want Men's Uggs, Nordstrom has them on sale RIGHT NOW and only for the next week I think, although I've discovered during their annual sales, they tend to take items on and off their site:

http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/ugg-australia-classic-short-boot-men/3639904?origin=category  limited sizes.


Some kids uggs are on sale:


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If you have or know someone with a Sam's Club membership try checking there. My local club has the classic tall for $149; it was very tempting but I have enough pairs and DD11 hasn't asked for a new pair. HTH


Also I would just randomly check 6pm.com as there stock is constantly changing. Last year I scored the mini Bailey buttons for $80 from their site.

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