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Check out your local JC Penny's

shopping mom

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I went to JC Pennys today and had the best bargin find fun filled day EVER!! I can not believe the money I saved. If I had paid normal retail I would have spent almost $800.00 instead I paid $58.00. I went to three different Penny's and they do not all have the same markdowns. I got mostly toddler things today ( I know two families who need things for growing children so this was really fun) I bought shirts, pants, shoes, sleepers. Most were marked down to .77 and then an additional 40% off that price. The sales ladies told me that each store is responsible for how much and when they mark down. But I am going to try to go back as often as possible to see what else I can get. I am also thinking about getting one of their leather jackets for my youngest son. He liked the one I got his brother (just a lot of money for a kid still growing. I saw quite a few today for $60.00 (reg. $269) so I want to watch it too. Anyway if you are free to shop tomorrow go check it out!! I hope you get some great deals too!:lolrun: :lolrun: :lolrun:
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Guest Deals4Me
I saw some good sales before christmas...and some alright sales after...hopefully what I thought was alright will be jaw dropping now!
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