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Staples 49¢ deals!

First Lady

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Staples item 49¢ each.

Limit of 5 items each. Must order by catalog number


211797-WK Plastic Business Card Holder

210849-WK Letter Opener

164566-WK Wood Ruler

511378-WK Economy Rubber Bands

122051-WK 3X5 Index Card File

431489-WK Poly Twin-Pocket Portfolio, Black

431490-WK Poly Twin-Pocket Portfolio, Burgandy

431488-WK Poly Twin-Pocket Portfolio, Blue

431491-WK Poly Twin-Pocket Portfolio, Green

146308-WK 1-Hole Punch

103481-WK Ideal Butterfly Clips

504183-WK SBS 1914C Staples

112284-WK Standard Staples

650499-T9 Anchor Pen, Black Medium

650531-T9 Anchor Pen Refill, Black

167601-T9 Pink Cap Erasers

771352-T9 Asst Cap Erasers

224139-T9 100 Push Pins, clear

224147-T9 100 Push Pins, asst

458240-T9 Liquid Glue Pens, 2 Pak

482920-T9 Claw Staple Removers, 3 Pak

458232-T9 Letter Opener 9"

160788-T9 Bottle Moistener

603688-T9 Foam Hot Cups, 8oz



Free shipping with $50 order



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Swingline® Standard Staples, 5,000/Box

Sharp chisel point, flat wire staples for all standard staplers

Up to 15% fewer misforms than other standard staples


Expected Delivery

1 Business Day $1.05

5,000/Box that is what im getting no .49 here?/ can anyone help me

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You need to enter it under the catalog number, not the search number. If you look right above the box where the search number is inserted, there are 3 options....search by description, then item number (this is the one you want)...it will show a screen with approx. ten blank spaces & a quantity box for you to manually insert the numbers. See if this helps.
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For anyone who is having trouble getting the Staples Rewards Free Shipping to work, here is what I did. I added everything to my cart and began the checkout process, then called 1-800-3STAPLE. The customer service rep said that since this is my first time ordering online with the Rewards number that it wasn't set up in the system. She told me to place the order, then give her the order number. Then she took the shipping off and then made sure my number was in the system. If I look on my account orders now it shows that that order has free shipping, and I'm now set from here on out. Now that was EASY :)
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I went back to my cart and the items were still there from yesterday and showed shipping $7.95 so I called in. The lady asked me to place my order and call back when I got the confirmation. I put in my cc# and did everything and then it only processed for the amount and no delivery charge. Thanks to everyone for their help on this. :0)


My son is a rubber band addict! He usually pays $2.49 for a bag of them. If I ever need one (like this morning), I just go to him. ;) I think I'll have him make me a rubber band ball, lol. It's one of his favorite passtimes.

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Ordered yesterday and got all of my stuff today, just want to reiterate - Staples has the best shipping ever! :)

Me too!!! I placed my order at 1:40pm yesterday and it was here this afternoon. The best was when I ordered after 5pm and it STILL arrived the next day!

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Yep, Staples is great...I got this REALLY well packed box of what I ordered *yesterday* sitting waiting for me as I came into the office *today*.


You just can't beat getting 49 :gd_twocen deals AND free shipping and delivery! And, the glue sticks are HUGE!!!! Two in the package, they are almost 7 inches long each - and only 49 cents for BOTH of them! These two should last me a year or longer! The rest of the stuff is great too....


Thanks again - Staples deals are starting to be the first place I look on the forums for now! :yelclap:

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