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Letter Factory Game


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I know most of you have mentioned the Walmart toy clearances going on.. but I found 2 great bargains there today...


My store had a ton of stuff, and they had this letter factory game from Leap Frog for 6 bucks....I like all their stuff so I took a chance... If you have 2 or 3 year olds learning letters and colors this game is awesome!!


It has a little speaker box that tells you exactly what to do, so the kids don't even have to remember what the directions are. There are a couple of levels, on the first all the letter cards are layed out on the game board, each row is a different color. The speaker box asks player one to hit a big green button, and it tells you what color letter it wants. You stick the card in the box and it knows if you are right are not and tells you if you're wrong, or how many spaces you get to go ahead. It then counts out the spaces with you and tells you what color you should be on when you're done. The kids love it, and can actually do it by themselves. There is even some crazy cards where when you hit the button it will tell you to get up and do a crazy dance... they had a blast. I'm always looking for educational toys that the kids like so I thought I'd pass this on..


I also got 3 of the ESPN Shootout basketball games for my nephews birthdays, they were like $70 bucks before Christmas and I got them for 17 bucks a piece...

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