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Circuit City Outlet IN STORE ONLY 17" Flat-panel LCD $186.29 YMMV


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This item is only available for purchase in stores.


Star Logic Monitor (11004983)

SLC 11004983 Original Price: $299.99

You save: -$113.70


You pay: $186.29



See the Rebates tab on the product details page for any additional rebates associated with this item.

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400:1 contrast ratio, average. And 16ms response time, NOT good for gaming, good price for regular use though. (16ms response time will give ghost images in fast moving games, impossible to use playing online games.)
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I got this at the after-Thanksgiving sale for $149. Great improvement from what I was using, but have noticed several dead pixels. Just an FYI, so keep your receipt and box, if you get one.:bunny:

Have you tried to return it? Just wondering what the policy is.

When the nintendo ds first came out most stores were not taking returns/exchanges due to dead pixels, they were telling people to send to the manufacturer (warranty).


Hope it's not the same for monitors/tv's

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