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Formal Dresses

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Anyone know where I can find a good deal on a formal dress. My husbands company holiday party is on the 14th and he told me that it is formal. (not poufy gowns- but like a New Years Eve attire)

Problem is I'm a size16w-18w or a 20 misses.


I dont want to spend a lot- hopefully less than $50- heck less than $30 would be nice, but I might be dreaming.

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I'm not sure how much of the frou frou stuff you like, but here's a link to a couple that are cute


Gold Dress $35.99/ Roaman's


Pink or Blue Dress $23.99 I'm not overly fond of this one because the colors just aren't me, but you might like them


White Beaded Dress $43.99


These are all from Roaman's Clearance section. There are ALWAYS Roaman's coupons out there for usually 20-30% off to help a bit.


This coupon code #0751-00144-368 is for 40% off your highest priced item from Roamans.com but it expires on 1/2/06

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i would look at fashion bug, lane bryant, avenue, deb shops(some have a plus section). i also did a search on ebay for you since i was curious also as to what is out there for a plus size. i came up with these 2 :






hope this helps.

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