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Another odd request. . .


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I need to find a decent deal on a 2.1 speaker set for my sister to use with her ipod.


The catch is that she lives and works in Africa. She's here in the US for the holidays but will be going back the 6th of Jan. I've never really searched for stuff that runs off 220v rather than 110v so I don't really know where to start. The speakers need to run off 220 without the addition of a seperate voltage converter . They also need to be loud, my sis seems to be bound and determined to deafen herself before she turns 35.


I was looking at logitech z-2300s as a good, loud, relatively low-cost solution but I'm not sure where to source a 220v version.



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Thanks for the reply. I did a bit more looking then suggested she buy the z2300s on amazon.uk and have them shipped to the uk from there. Theres a shipping channel set up for the school she works at where they pack up and send things to africa from the uk for no cost.


Heh, she needs to wait for her next paycheck anyway, she spent too much while she's been back and is broke now.

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