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Big Lots Closing Some Stores @ 50%..YMMV


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If big lots is in your area, check around to see if they are closing down some locations. In my area there are 2 stores within 5 miles of me that are closing. :gd_steeri They both have 50% off and 1 store has nothing, they have stripped the walls and everything, another had a lot more. They are selling the furniture EVERYTHING at 50% off. The cashier even told me that they are planning on taking it all the way to 90% off, but he doubts if there will be anything left. Check around, hope you find some good deals.;)
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Did a google search to see if I could find which locations were closing. (there's only 1 near me that I know of)


Found this instead.


Big Lots closing stores


Closeout merchandise retailer Big Lots Inc. announced Thursday that it will close about 85 merchandise and 41 furniture stores. "We are not distributing or releasing the locations of the stores to be closed until our team of associates are notified," said a spokesman for the Columbus, Ohio-based retailer. She added there is not yet a timetable for notifying employees. Big Lots, which bills itself as the country's largest broadline closeout retailer, operates 1,536 stores in 47 states, including 17 Western Pennsylvania locations.

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The one here is not closing, but the one in the next county over is. I drove by there last night. It is now 50% off, and there ain't much left. If it makes it to 90% off, it will be a miracle. In all honesty, I think that because they did the 20% before Christmas, that they probably sold most everything.
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