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Half Price Books 20% off


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We have a new one that opened up, can anyone tell me how they are? Are all the book 1/2 off, or just some? Do they have new books??

Half Price Books is a great store. Everything in the store is 1/2 off the sticker price on the book or more. I am a film historian and I go there alot to find great deals on books about Hollywood. Some of my great finds include a coffee table book on the history of MGM for $10.00 brand new and still in the shrink wrap, Veronica Lake's autobiography which is selling on ebay for $50.00 I got a used copy at HPB got $7.00 and verious hard to find books at a great price.


They do have new books but you have to look for them and some of the stores have a new book section which the books are marked at 1/2 off. Half Price Books will buy out warehouses where they will get brand new copies of newer books and mark them down to 1/2 off. Also if they have alot of copies of one title they will mark them down lower the 1/2.


As I said in my last postings I dont shop at BN or any other book store. If I need a new book I go to Amazon.com which I can use my Borders gift card there.

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