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Kmart XMas Stuff Clearance????


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Thank god Kmart was opened till 9pm christmas eve....

We went to my mother in law's house to open gifts. She had told me 2 days prior what she got and I told her two of the items were exactly the same as what I got her. Right down to the color of the items. I told her they were already wrapped so she had to return. She said fine and I thought that was that. Anyway, we get there last night and my daughter starts opening her gifts. What does she end up opening???.... BOTH gifts she promised me she would return! I looked at her and she had the nerve to tell me she couldn't find the receipt and so she decided to go ahead and give them to her! Said I could return mine after christmas. I was fuming at this point! LOL

We get home around 8pm, I race upstairs to get my receipts and grab my purse and head to the garage. Dig out both presents (thankfully I guessed right) and sped to Kmart. Returned both items and thankfully found 2 gifts to replace them with. The only good thing is they had the Bratz item on sale I wanted to get her before but didn't. Also found a Bratz journel and pen set on sale.

Was I over reacting? I just thought that was so rude.

Thanks Kmart for staying open! LOL

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